• Tamarama Traffic Report

    Tamarama Traffic

    And BAM, just like that, Le Sunshine lands in Sydney.

    We waved a teary farewell to Byron Bay and we’re now calling the cool waters of Tamarama home.

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  • Julian Rocks with a snorkel

    Julian rocks

    Julian Rocks, it’s a tiny, rocky pyramid that breaks up the view out to sea from Byron Bay. Every surfer’s contemplated paddling out there at some time or other, but it’s just that bit too far, mythically out of reach.

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  • Laneway Festival – Brisbane, 2014


    I’m certainly biased, I was pumped to see Warpaint and Kurt Vile, but the joy of the Laneway festival is their knack for curating a mix of bands that are on the cusp of hitting it big, it’s all about checking out those bands you don’t know.

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  • Nich Zalmstra

    Nich Zalmstra

    About 12 months ago there was a tasty little beach break down at the river-mouth. Only a handful of us knew about it and every morning, just after dawn, we’d all paddle out, conspirators to that most unique treat, uncrowded, glassy peelers. And… that’s where I first met Nich Zalmstra.

    Nich (aka Zalmpy) is the latest in the Le Sunshine artist profile series… People

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  • Film, Friday Hut Road and A Modern Marriage

    Friday Hut Road

    Shooting with film is so infuriating but so satisfying. The time it takes to finish a roll and to get it developed forces you to be spare with every shot and it ensures you’re frothing by the time you get the prints in you hands. Unfortunately it also means my stories come through a little late.

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  • Le Sunshine x St Elmo – NYE 2013

    Le Sunshine X St Elmos NYE 2013 15

    Le Sunshine is a child of the dawn; more addicted to that bright flash of light that glints off the ocean at dawn, than to the neon burn of night. But with 2013 coming to an end, we would endure the darkness and see it through to the end – with a camera, of course.

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  • Camp Vibes


    The road South was quiet as I drove through a corridor of faded green gum trees. The air was hot and the sun was bright, all four windows were down and the wind battled with the tunes blaring out of the speakers. I had camp vibes on my mind.

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  • Fang Gang

    fang gang

    We were ten tins in and Timmi was getting anxious, “Johnny, we gotta find a model and we gotta do it soon, we’re not gonna be able to pick a babe from a bucket-a-crabs soon.”

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