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  • Pittwater Wallaby


    wallaby pittwater

    Checking the tide

    Today I fled the city. I headed to a little hideaway up at Pittwater, a spot where I thought I’d be all alone. As it turns this pair of Wallabies have been watching the shack while I’ve been away. They didn’t seem to mind my crashing the party, they’ve been watching my every move, in fact as I write this they’ve hopped onto the deck. The Pittwater Wallaby certainly isn’t shy.

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  • The sun also rises… in Sydney

    Bronte to Tamarama

    The point

    I’m back in Sydney and damn I love this city; despite the lack of waves.

    Bronte and Tamarama did their best to make up for it by delivering a killer sunrise. I started at Bondi and made my way South, taking in all the bays and the ridiculous views of this lush coastline.

    Byron is a rad place to live but you have to get away every now and again, just to put it all in perspective, to make sure you’re not taking it for granted. Sydney is doing it’s best to win back my heart, i’ve been up for a couple of dawn sessions at Bondi and I’m in no rush to get back up North, the light here is amazing.

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  • Gluttony

    surfing byron bay

    Backside and no-mercy

    It’s like the story of the guy in the desert, he’s desperately thirsty but when he finds water he drinks so much that he makes himself sick. Such is life in Byron Bay when we finally get a decent East swell.

    I couldn’t lift my arms after two solid session yesterday. So buggered I was, I couldn’t even post my dawn shots.

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  • The sun also rises… in Angourie.


    Angourie is a dream, the above greeted us at dawn. The waves were trickling in, it was only us and the birds.

    For two days we had nothing but sunshine and clear skies, the water was fresh and although the swell wasn’t huge we were suitably exhausted by the time we got to the pub on the hill in Yamba (probably the North Coast’s best pub.)

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