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  • Dalwood Falls


    While we waited for the swell to pick-up, Le Sunshine hit the road to Dalwood Falls. We headed inland towards Alstonville, a right off the highway, skirt past the town and with some advice from the girl at the local servo we found the spot. No signs, just a well-worn track through the bush.

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  • Regular


    Getting up at dawn everyday is hard, but it gets easier as you do it more regularly. This week I’ve seen the sun’s first light most days, and while the waves haven’t been amazing it’s been great to start the day with a slide.

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  • Le Sunshine in Sydney


    The end of December and the start of January is a great time to be in Sydney. The roads are quiet and the beaches relatively spacious. It seems everybody is travelling and by all reports plenty of them headed to Byron, I was happy to have avoided the mayhem.

    I did a few dawn sessions to Bondi and spent morning at coffee shops in Surry Hills. I had New Years day in the sunshine in Manly, with feet dangling over the edge of the wharf we all had big smiles. It was warm and calm and it seemed like no-one had a care in the world.

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  • Beach House in Bangalow

    12 Beach_House_033

    Beach House playing in Bangalow! At first I didn’t believe it, but there it was, Art park was selling tickets to a mini-festival with Jack Ladder, Sharon Van Etten, Bored Nothing and the sublime Beach House, they came all the way from Baltimore to grace our little stage.

    The night was hot, the girls wore loose dresses and flowers in their hair, the boys swilled sweaty beer and the lone security had a big, broad smile. Outside there were mellow groups sprinkled on the lawns and perched on gutters. There was a hum of banter as everyone laughed about the heat.

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