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  • Night Surfing with Bruce Irons at Komune, Keramas

    Bruce Irons night surfing keramas
  • Smells like Bali

    It’s the smell that hits you first; one step out of the plane and it burns away the malaise of the flight and re-sets your body clock. It’s hot and rich; a chemical shot that tells your body you’re in Indonesia, and that there’s no-where to hide. It doesn’t matter how much you prepare yourself, until the tropical heat wraps its arms around you, until the fetid odor of 3,891,428 people crammed onto a tiny island is dragged into your lungs, you won’t know you’ve arrived.

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  • Still kicking


    The waves are still kicking, there was so much swell this week that I had to drop another post.

    More heaving walls and amber sunsets. There were crowds of onlookers kicking back on the grass and kids frolicking in the froth and heaps of dog, some not as keen as others to get into the water.

    I checked Tallows this morning and the power of the waves has taken its toll. The dunes are gone, there’s a 3m sandy cliff dropping off below the look-out. Sad sight, not sure how easy it will be for the sand to flow back in…

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  • Return of the sun


    The cyclone swell had been lighting up the Quik Pro for most of the week, so we knew what we were in for. Byron Bay got a dose with heaving walls from Main Beach to The Wreck. Dane and Ando were out there, so was Dion – we ran into Gary and Amy as well.

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