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  • Splendour in the Grass

    Splendour 2013, Yew!!

    Getting there was half the fun. There was so much mud, but also green grass and trees and blue skies and sunshine. The line for the bus was epic but everybody was smiling and drinking cider and dressed super colorful. We did eventually get to see some music… it was excellent.

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  • Stoop

    To have a good time, like a REALLY good time; you have to ignore time. You can’t be at the mercy of deadlines or watching you watch. There shouldn’t be anywhere you’d rather be than right where you are.

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  • On-the-road, a retrospective. (So many legends…)

    I was traveling for two months.  Thanks to my friends being such huge legends… I managed to avoid staying in any hotels. From Indonesia to Europe I was welcomed with so much hospitality that it blew my mind.

    Traveling on your own can be hard. Sure, I love spending my days aimlessly exploring new cities, being able to follow any whim that takes me, but come night-time there’s often a sense of longing for a good friend to share your adventures with. On this trip I had the best of both worlds. While my buddies went to work I could wander exotic streets or do some work of my own, and come evening times there was always a home to come back to.

    More often than not there were nights out and wine and debauchery, parties and dinners, but also, and just as good, were the quiet nights spent on the couch talking about travel, about home and about the world.

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  • A day in the life of Malmo

    Summer in Sweden is brief, which makes it all the more precious. The months that are grey and wet and bitterly cold far outweigh those that are sunny and effortless. It ensures a certain appreciation for the sunshine, for blue skies and for the outdoors.

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  • Eurovision in Malmo with beer and friends.

    Eurovision malmo

    Last year Sweden won the Eurovision song contest, so this year they had the honor of hosting the pop-extravaganza, it would be held in Malmo.

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  • Copenhagen, Bikes and a Bridge

    copenhagen bike

    My first priority when I got to Copenhagen was to get myself a bike. Danish folks love to ride bikes and Copenhagen is arguably the world’s most bike-friendly city. Read more