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  • Jesse Dolman

    jesse dolman artist

    This is the first offering in a series of artist profiles that will be featured in the People section of Le Sunshine – it’s a closer look at Byron Bay’s most creative characters.

    Like most folks in Byron Jesse Dolman has a few jobs, but painting is his passion. It leaches across into his job as a chef – his flare can be found in every dish. I dropped into Jesse’s place one Sunday afternoon to get my surfboard painted, it had a blue spray but I’d been bored of it for some time, it was  in desperate need of some colour.

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  • Heading South

    Standing on the curb and I was still in a daze. I’d only been out of bed for ten minutes and here I was, standing in the same board shorts I’d slept in with a t-shirt thrown over my shoulders that smelt of smoke. At my feet were my surfboard, my wetsuit and a towel. I’d only had time to take a piss and brew a cuppa and now I stood calm in the fresh morning air, my hands wrapped around the hot mug.

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