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  • Craig Rochfort


    Craig lives design and art and creativity. He lives and works in Byron Bay and he’s the latest subject for the Le Sunshine People series.

    The doors were open but I couldn’t see anybody inside. The white walls were draped with framed watercolours from the current exhibition and the brushed concrete floor was cold under my bare feet and there was no clutter. Just a wide wooden table that held neat piles of books and magazines. And a red sign that read Art Park.

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  • Millennials Strike Back @ Byron Bay Writers’ Festival 2017


    The sunshine was confusing for some of the writers from overseas, but as I explained it, winter is when Byron Bay is at it’s best.

    This article first appeared on Common Ground.

    This year’s Byron Bay Writers Festival welcomed Australian novelists, ageing rock-stars, a philosopher or two and even a war correspondent from The New York Times.

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  • Nic De Carlo


    Nic is an artist – both on paper and on a surfboard. He’s a renaissance man & he’s the latest in our people series.

    For a brief while we were housemates. I remember seeing Nic kneeling on the floor in the lounge room, as if in prayer. Hunched over a canvas and painting a girl on a surfboard—he was making it for his girlfriend.

    It was the first time I’d seen him paint. I’m not sure why I was surprised, Nic is no introvert, he’s as comfortable in rainbow flares and a patchwork jacket as he is in an ironed shirt and slacks come Monday morning.

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  • Spoiler… it ends in paradise

    We knew the surf was gonna be rubbish, but we went anyway. We laid our boards carefully in the back of the ute, before chucking wetsuits and towels on top.

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  • Pigs, Waves & Babes: an Englishman in paradise

    byron bay surfing sunshine

    This week Le Sunshine’s taking you to the outskirts of paradise where the good-times comes cheap, according to our latest coastal correspondent, Russ Berry. He doesn’t take anything for granted, he got a taste of life in Byron Bay and he’s in no hurry to leave. He takes photos, he surfs waves, he raises pigs and he tells stories, come on in.

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  • Bondi to Coogee and everywhere in between

    The seas were rough and the sun was shining and there was a breeze that kept away the sting of the sun. With friends from out of town we set off to walk to Coogee from Bondi, along the coastal track. The waves pounded the rocks with urgent energy and we picked up some beers to quench our thirst.

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  • Falls Festival – Tasmania, 2014

    Le Sunshine

    First published on Groupie Magazine.

    I stepped off the plane and the wind nearly threw me off the top of the stairs as rain stung my face. It was my first visit to Tasmania and it was a severe welcome. I would quickly learn that summer is a relative term here.

    A car full of mates met me outside and we wasted no time with pleasantries. The car was loaded with camping gear and we headed east, to Marion Bay. Falls Festival prides itself on its remote and leafy locales and this most Southern of the shows was tucked alongside Hobart with thick bush to the North and the ocean to the South. As we drove towards grey skies we all focused on the music that would keep us warm for the next three days.

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  • Tynan Curry

    Tynan is the latest creative creature to be featured in the Le Sunshine people series. He’s a photographer, a film maker and deadly on a surfboard. And this week his work is on show at the Tap Gallery, don’t miss it.

    I met Tynan at a mates place in Canberra. Tynan had grown up on the south coast and Canberra was the first big city he got to as his eyes grew wider and he decided to stretch his legs, out into the world.

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