Back at The Pass

surfing byron bay

Savage storms tore all the sand away from The Pass some months ago, it’s taken the whole of winter for the banks to gradually fill in. Day-by-day I’ve been watching the high tide line shift and swell and finally it seems to have got some shape back. This weekend a gentle two-feet of South swell pushed the long right-hander round the point and into the bay, a meager offering, but sweet relief.

…and after the lull came the crowds, there would have been a cluster of ten guys sitting on the rock at any one time, jockeying for the inside track as the lines approached. There was every board shape imaginable out there, and I got shots of them all, but without any prejudice it turned out that the groms put on the best show and it was their shots that made the cut.

I didn’t get a shot of it but the lord on the air-matt got a couple of wide ones and without the encumbrance of fins he flew. The speed blew my mind and all eyes were on his bottle-rocket trajectory all the way into the bay.

Summer’s coming! Bring on Le Sunshine…


Crows nest



Sweet like candy

The desert



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