Café/Office – Lovecrumbs. Edinburgh, Scotland.



The writer’s eternal search for the perfect café…

Coffee: The best I had in Scotland (which isn’t saying much, but it was very good). A latte is $AU3.50

Nagging: Get to know the girls and you’ll feel right at home.

Rear-end: The old-school wooden seats take their toll, but you can always move onto the cushions in the window or sink into a couch.

Wi-Fi: Fast.



This place had caught my eye a few times as I strolled past, when I mentioned it to Jo and Josh they gave me a knowing nod, “it’s good!” they said.

Josh and I rolled in there after a heavy weekend and we were greeted with smiles and hugs; Holly and Rachel make you feel right at home. Perhaps not in quite the same way as the girls next door, but it’s genuine and generous.

Love_Crumbs_04 LoveCrumbs_08

We perused the cupboard and the benches that were dripping with fresh cakes. There would have been a dozen options of slices and cakes and scones and biscuits; each done with a unique twist and, we were assured, each was made with love. Check out these peanut butter scones, outrageous.



The decor is eclectic and kooky but really homely. They’ll serve you at the piano if you so desire and you can even sit IN the window. The place is always busy and by the afternoon most of the cakes are gone.

Love_Crumbs_02 Love_Crumbs_03

Edinburgh is cold most of the time, and wet. The only time you can enjoy the weather is when you’re in a café like Lovecrumbs with your hands wrapped around a spiced-chili-hot-chocolate and your fork is sunk deep into a slab of cake.


I spent an afternoon perched at table doing equal amounts of work and procrastination. The internet was fast enough to make surf videos load super-quick and the coffee was strong enough to make the words come flying thick and fast.


LoveCrumbs_13 Love_Crumbs_05 LoveCrumbs_12

I went back the next day and there was a whole new batch of cakes, there were some different smiling faces behind the counter but the same deep, deep couch perched in the corner, waiting for me…

I bloody love this place.

They even have a bee as their mascot…


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