Cafe/Office – Sea Circus. Seminyak, Bali.

Sea circus cafe bali seminyak

Sea Circus

The writer’s eternal search for the perfect café…

Coffee: Smooth and rich, but always a little too hot. A latte is $AU3.

Nagging: Non-existant.

Rear-end: Super comfy. Go for the bench seats with the thick cushions down the back for bare-foot cross-legged zen typing.

Wi-Fi: Fast enough.

Seminyak has long been the most cosmopolitan part of Bali and with cafés like Sea Circus popping-up it is proving it has its own style and tastes.

With its technicolor shutters and back-lit signage this joint isn’t trying to hide. It screams good-vibes in pastel tones and ample splashes of colour. The menu is as light or as heavy as you want it; there’s poached eggs with avocado and salmon on really good bread (not the standard bleached and dry white stuff), there’s muesli and fruit salad, burritos, quinoa salad and any juice combo you can imagine.

The place is popular which means there are plenty of distractions from the work you are trying to get done, or your Facebook’ing. Plus the lurid colours of the painted walls have a kaleidoscope effect which can send you into some pretty trippy daydreams. But on the whole it’s my first choice for a café/office in Bali.

They also host bands and parties and private functions. Medicine for the People played there recently and the place swelled with attractive people drinking beers and gin and tonics. It’s a clear favourite for the creatives and ex-pats living and working on the island.

Sea circus cafe bali seminyak

Sea circus cafe bali seminyakSea circus cafe bali seminyak

Sea circus cafe bali seminyak Sea circus cafe bali seminyak Sea circus cafe bali seminyak

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