Camp Vibes

The road South was quiet as I drove through a corridor of faded green gum trees. The air was hot and the sun was bright, all four windows were down and the wind battled with the tunes blaring out of the speakers. I had camp vibes on my mind.

Our convoy was made up of my station wagon and two vans. The others had set off earlier but we’d all end up arriving at the same time, vans from the 80’s top out at about 90km/h.

Once I was beyond the Byron Shire the landscape was dominated by sugarcane, it was a towering contrast of yellow and green. There was no traffic, the car purred.

Past the sugar refineries, their towering chimneys billowed steam like some sort of candy-cane cigarette.

I turned off the highway, it was 10k’s to the coast – the road disappeared between my wheels and the air grew saltier by the minute.

We met in the car park of the surf club with high fives and smiles. We checked the surf and barely a word was spoken before we were back at the cars pulling off shirts and slapping on sun cream.

The waves weren’t great but no one wanted to head to the camp site without a little surf induced fatigue.

The sun was dropping low and the sky was scarred purple by the time we were back in the car park.

Our convoy moved out as one, through town and out the other side. We were headed to a car park by the back beach.

There were picnic tables and grass and trees. We settled in with everyone finding some job to do. Kettles boiled and a mini bbq got smokey. Chris strummed the guitar as I chopped tomatoes and Russ broke up twigs for the fire.

camp vibes

camp vibescamp vibescamp vibes

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