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  • Whian Whian

    We had the windows down in the Subaru. The road swayed and curved with the lay of the land, through valleys and around huge old blue gums. The grass was long and green and the sun was high. We’d left Byron Bay that morning in search of adventure, to head somewhere we didn’t know.

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  • Miles and Miles

    The first bay we stopped at is my favourite. The track down to the water was framed by gangly trees and vines; the leaves were still wet from the rain overnight. We scrambled half-way down the hill only to see that the high tide was swallowing the entire beach. We headed back up to the car and I managed to squeeze off a few shots through the trees.

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  • Evan’s Head for a burger

    The car was covered in mud from the drive to Whites; splashes of brown painted every panel. The waves were weak and the wind was easterly, it wasn’t very satisfying so we’d decided to keep driving. We were heading south to Evan’s Head – for a burger.

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  • On-the-road, a retrospective. (So many legends…)

    I was traveling for two months.  Thanks to my friends being such huge legends… I managed to avoid staying in any hotels. From Indonesia to Europe I was welcomed with so much hospitality that it blew my mind.

    Traveling on your own can be hard. Sure, I love spending my days aimlessly exploring new cities, being able to follow any whim that takes me, but come night-time there’s often a sense of longing for a good friend to share your adventures with. On this trip I had the best of both worlds. While my buddies went to work I could wander exotic streets or do some work of my own, and come evening times there was always a home to come back to.

    More often than not there were nights out and wine and debauchery, parties and dinners, but also, and just as good, were the quiet nights spent on the couch talking about travel, about home and about the world.

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  • Edinburgh Rocks, Part I


    This was my first trip to Edinburgh. I’d been in London for the past ten days, I’d been drinking heavily and I had a pretty rough cough; I thought that perhaps I could use the time in the North to recover…


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  • Bowie, an obsession and the V&A London.


    David Bowie… he was born in 1947 and I was born many years later, well after he’d become a star, and I only begun to appreciate his radical style when I was in my 20’s. By this stage his most well known tunes were 40 years old and yet still they spoke to a youth, all youth, who yearn for salvation by an alien starman.

    “He’d like to come and meet us but he thought he’d blow our minds.”

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  • Eat food at the Borough Markets in London.

    borough market

    After a day of wandering the streets of London, after an aborted mission to the Tate modern, after discussing life and love with an old friend, after pulling frigid air into your chest and smiling at the infinite promise of the big-old city laid out in front of you… you should go to the Borough markets.

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  • The best road in Bali… and the last sunset.

    It’s the best road in Bali. It runs through a rice padi and is a short-cut from Seminyak to Canggu. It’s raised above the ground and tiled with intricate stonework. When you cruise along here on your scooter at sunset all your worries float away. There’s local farmers in straw hats turning their soil and all sorts of folks cruising along on their bikes. Everybody wears a smile and in the distance it looks like the horizon is on fire.

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