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  • Film, Friday Hut Road and A Modern Marriage

    Friday Hut Road

    Shooting with film is so infuriating but so satisfying. The time it takes to finish a roll and to get it developed forces you to be spare with every shot and it ensures you’re frothing by the time you get the prints in you hands. Unfortunately it also means my stories come through a little late.

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  • Fang Gang

    fang gang

    We were ten tins in and Timmi was getting anxious, “Johnny, we gotta find a model and we gotta do it soon, we’re not gonna be able to pick a babe from a bucket-a-crabs soon.”

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  • Jesse Dolman

    jesse dolman artist

    This is the first offering in a series of artist profiles that will be featured in the People section of Le Sunshine – it’s a closer look at Byron Bay’s most creative characters.

    Like most folks in Byron Jesse Dolman has a few jobs, but painting is his passion. It leaches across into his job as a chef – his flare can be found in every dish. I dropped into Jesse’s place one Sunday afternoon to get my surfboard painted, it had a blue spray but I’d been bored of it for some time, it was  in desperate need of some colour.

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  • Remember Splendour – 35mm

    Splendour in the grass

    My digital SLR clicked and beeped and by the end of the Splendour in the Grass music festival I had a couple of thousand frames – in the end only 40 or so made the cut.

    All the while I had an old 35mm Japanese point-and-shoot in my pocket. It was easier to carry at night and sometimes a scene would present itself that was a little different, stark light or a heavy shadow.

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  • Splendour in the Grass

    Splendour 2013, Yew!!

    Getting there was half the fun. There was so much mud, but also green grass and trees and blue skies and sunshine. The line for the bus was epic but everybody was smiling and drinking cider and dressed super colorful. We did eventually get to see some music… it was excellent.

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  • Keith Haring at The Musee d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris

    Keith Haring (1958-1990), if you don’t recognize the name you will certainly recognize his style. The hard lines and primary colours of his paintings and murals are ubiquitous, they adorn t-shirts and lunch boxes and surf boards; Haring is an original and the breadth of his influence is staggering.

    In 2013 The Musee d’Art modern de la Ville de Paris devoted a large scale retrospective to this American artists with a clear emphasis on the profoundly political nature and voice of his work. This is one of the biggest Keith Haring exhibitions ever. While his imagery is stark, confronting and original it is these political motivations that make it engaging and that have ensured it is revered still today.

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  • Bowie, an obsession and the V&A London.


    David Bowie… he was born in 1947 and I was born many years later, well after he’d become a star, and I only begun to appreciate his radical style when I was in my 20’s. By this stage his most well known tunes were 40 years old and yet still they spoke to a youth, all youth, who yearn for salvation by an alien starman.

    “He’d like to come and meet us but he thought he’d blow our minds.”

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  • Brick Lane in Shoreditch near Spitalfields in London

    brick lane london

    Brick Lane is in Shoreditch in East London. It’s just one narrow street but I could have spent weeks walking from one end to the other. It’s renowned for its en-trend shops and bars as much as for its curry houses, it’s defined by this diversity.

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