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  • Tamarama Traffic Report

    Tamarama traffic report

    City life has dragged me into that most cliche of pleasures… Saturday mornings.

    Waking up with the sunshine and nowhere to be, it’s like a drug. I lay back in bed with the winter sunshine burning my eyes and my brain swaying at the rush of so few decisions.

    Shoes on, pants, find the camera and out the door. I found myself squeezing off shots before I even got to the beach. There were solid lines pushing out to the horizon.

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  • Julian Rocks with a snorkel

    Julian rocks

    Julian Rocks, it’s a tiny, rocky pyramid that breaks up the view out to sea from Byron Bay. Every surfer’s contemplated paddling out there at some time or other, but it’s just that bit too far, mythically out of reach.

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  • More Angourie Dawn


    My head was pounding but I sped up to a run nonetheless. Well not really running, more jogging awkwardly, trying to shake out stiff muscles from sleeping on a roll-mat and super keen to check the surf.

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  • Wind Surfing


    The swell was even bigger today, and there was more rain and more wind. It was a battle to find a gap in the rain to take some shots. Pro surfer’s came down from the Gold Coast, boards got snapped and lots of people got gnarly barrels. It was on and it wasn’t for the faint of heart.

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  • Rain and waves and barrels


    The rain came but so did the waves, like waiting for a set the rain squalls came in sporadic bursts. There were heaving barrels the length of main-beach, the wreck was firing and the crowds were mellow with enough pits for everybody.

    There was a spooky grey haze that hung all the way to the lighthouse. We checked the Pass but the wind was into it, there was only a handful of die-hards out there battling the white horses.

    We then jumped in the car and headed North to see what was happening at Coolangatta. The Quiky Pro will be rolling into town soon and with scaffolding in the background Kirra was on fire. Heaving barrels were throwing over from Green-Mount and the way beyond the groin.

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  • Regular


    Getting up at dawn everyday is hard, but it gets easier as you do it more regularly. This week I’ve seen the sun’s first light most days, and while the waves haven’t been amazing it’s been great to start the day with a slide.

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  • Le Sunshine in Sydney


    The end of December and the start of January is a great time to be in Sydney. The roads are quiet and the beaches relatively spacious. It seems everybody is travelling and by all reports plenty of them headed to Byron, I was happy to have avoided the mayhem.

    I did a few dawn sessions to Bondi and spent morning at coffee shops in Surry Hills. I had New Years day in the sunshine in Manly, with feet dangling over the edge of the wharf we all had big smiles. It was warm and calm and it seemed like no-one had a care in the world.

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  • The sun also rises… in Sydney

    Bronte to Tamarama

    The point

    I’m back in Sydney and damn I love this city; despite the lack of waves.

    Bronte and Tamarama did their best to make up for it by delivering a killer sunrise. I started at Bondi and made my way South, taking in all the bays and the ridiculous views of this lush coastline.

    Byron is a rad place to live but you have to get away every now and again, just to put it all in perspective, to make sure you’re not taking it for granted. Sydney is doing it’s best to win back my heart, i’ve been up for a couple of dawn sessions at Bondi and I’m in no rush to get back up North, the light here is amazing.

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