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  • Gluttony

    surfing byron bay

    Backside and no-mercy

    It’s like the story of the guy in the desert, he’s desperately thirsty but when he finds water he drinks so much that he makes himself sick. Such is life in Byron Bay when we finally get a decent East swell.

    I couldn’t lift my arms after two solid session yesterday. So buggered I was, I couldn’t even post my dawn shots.

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  • The sun also rises… in Angourie.


    Angourie is a dream, the above greeted us at dawn. The waves were trickling in, it was only us and the birds.

    For two days we had nothing but sunshine and clear skies, the water was fresh and although the swell wasn’t huge we were suitably exhausted by the time we got to the pub on the hill in Yamba (probably the North Coast’s best pub.)

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  • Long Dawn

    Dawn byron bay

    Gold’n blue

    So much of the detail changes but still so much stays the same. This week I’ve been wandering down to the same spot in Suffolk Park at the same time of the morning, the tide will change, the sunrise always gets a little earlier and of course the clouds are never the same.

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  • Let’s get physical

    Belongil beach surfing

    The Bay

    The wind was blowing a gale last night but by dawn it had given way to some mellow clouds and zero-waves. The pooch pictured below had the waves all to himself, he was loving it out there.

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  • No-Wave Monday

    Byron Bay dawn surfing


    It’s a no-wave Monday, there’s naught but a few little ripples and a killer sunrise. It was dead quiet on the dunes this morning. With bleary eyes I watched the sun crack through the clouds and splash pastel shades of purple and orange all over the ripples of the sea.

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  • Morning yawning

    Classic Byron frame

    Dawn rewards. It’s never easy to pry oneself from between the sheets, but there’s never any regrets.

    Today’s first rays put on a show, some messy swell framed a cloudy sky as the sun burned in-between the horizon and the cloud-line. There were the standard assortment of dog-walkers and yogis, but not many surfers. I stood on the dunes with Timmy-Fresh for a solid half an hour, we eventually conceded, we had to get wet.

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  • The Happy Seagull

    Cloud horizon

    It was only seagulls and me on the beach this morning, as the day’s first light stretched over a thick band of cloud. They were super chatty and seemed excited about something, i’m not sure what it was but it certainly wasn’t thewaves. Yesterdays peak in wind-swell had all but disappeared, there were no peaks at Suffolk Park.

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  • Dolphins

    Cloud filter

    Just a sprinkling of cloud was the perfect filter for today’s first glimpse of the sun. I had the beach to myself to take in the slow rise of another day.

    The Northerly wind that’s been blowing all week was only very light early-on, but it was enough to ruffle the surface and make what little swell there was look incredibly unappealing. I took a drive up to Tallows and found Byron’s only wave. The car-park was filling-up but it was the dolphins who were crowding the line-up this morning.

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