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  • Camp Vibes

    The road South was quiet as I drove through a corridor of faded green gum trees. The air was hot and the sun was bright, all four windows were down and the wind battled with the tunes blaring out of the speakers. I had camp vibes on my mind.

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  • FLURO FRIDAY – One Wave Is All It Takes

    fluro friday

    It was Friday as I rolled down to The Pass, camera in hand. I was ready to see what the sunset had to say about the end of the week but what I got was far brighter.

    The FLURO FRIDAY crew had invaded Byron Bay and the glare was something special. This lot are colorful and they’re loud and they know all about how to have fun on a surfboard. But most importantly, they’re all about kicking depression in the ass!

    Take a look at the photos, just try and find a face that ain’t smiling!

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  • The Wreck

    The Wreck byron bay

    The road ends at the Wreck.

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  • Evan’s Head for a burger

    The car was covered in mud from the drive to Whites; splashes of brown painted every panel. The waves were weak and the wind was easterly, it wasn’t very satisfying so we’d decided to keep driving. We were heading south to Evan’s Head – for a burger.

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  • Stoop

    To have a good time, like a REALLY good time; you have to ignore time. You can’t be at the mercy of deadlines or watching you watch. There shouldn’t be anywhere you’d rather be than right where you are.

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  • Finding Canggu Bali

    canggu bali sunset echo beach


    It’s just far enough away from Kuta and just close enough to Seminyak. It’s on the West coast of Bali, further North and away from all the mayhem closer to the airport. Getting there is easier nowadays, the roads have been sealed and there’s better signage. The old saying used to be, “Hard to find, impossible to forget.” It’s written in huge letters on the white washed walls of the break-wall at Echo Beach.

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  • Still kicking


    The waves are still kicking, there was so much swell this week that I had to drop another post.

    More heaving walls and amber sunsets. There were crowds of onlookers kicking back on the grass and kids frolicking in the froth and heaps of dog, some not as keen as others to get into the water.

    I checked Tallows this morning and the power of the waves has taken its toll. The dunes are gone, there’s a 3m sandy cliff dropping off below the look-out. Sad sight, not sure how easy it will be for the sand to flow back in…

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  • Return of the sun


    The cyclone swell had been lighting up the Quik Pro for most of the week, so we knew what we were in for. Byron Bay got a dose with heaving walls from Main Beach to The Wreck. Dane and Ando were out there, so was Dion – we ran into Gary and Amy as well.

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