Copenhagen, Bikes and a Bridge

copenhagen bike

My first priority when I got to Copenhagen was to get myself a bike. Danish folks love to ride bikes and Copenhagen is arguably the world’s most bike-friendly city.

Bikes are rad; you can ride a bike drunk, you can park anywhere you want, it’s fun, you see far more of your city on a bike, it’s faster than driving in busy cities, it’s healthy, you’ll burn fat rather than oil and you’ll get sexy legs.



Copenhagen bike

On this day the sun was shining and we were headed for the Queen Louise Bridge. Some call it the hipster bridge because of all the cool-cats who sit/lean/hang-out there, but it’s also the world’s most used bike-path. 36,000 people ride their bikes across it in a day.

Bikes_Copenhagen_04 Bikes_Copenhagen_05 Bikes_Copenhagen_06Bikes_Copenhagen_07 Bikes_Copenhagen_08 Bikes_Copenhagen_09Bikes_Copenhagen_10 Bikes_Copenhagen_11 Bikes_Copenhagen_12

Bikes_Copenhagen_13 Bikes_Copenhagen_15 Bikes_Copenhagen_14

This is Tobias, he had found his bike in a park and I ‘borrowed’ mine from a hotel. We picked up some beers and we found a spot to lean against the wall and we watched the world go by. There were so many folks on so many bikes. So many beautiful people and so many different types of cycle.

copenhagen bike


Bikes_Copenhagen_18 Bikes_Copenhagen_19 Bikes_Copenhagen_20

Bikes_Copenhagen_21 Bikes_Copenhagen_22Bikes_Copenhagen_25 Bikes_Copenhagen_26

I was only in Copenhagen for a few days, on my last night we were out late at Tobias’s bar. I rose to the street planning to ride home, but alas my bike had been nicked. It was karma and it made me smile. I hailed a cab, we drove home through the dark streets and I had my face held to the glass, glaring with envy at the folks on their bicycles.

The next day I would be on a train, heading for Sweden…


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