Dalwood Falls


While we waited for the swell to pick-up, Le Sunshine hit the road to Dalwood Falls. We headed inland towards Alstonville, a right off the highway, skirt past the town and with some advice from the girl at the local servo we found the spot. No signs, just a well-worn track through the bush.

The Dalwood Falls are like some sort of Neverland. Full grown men shed their clothes and holler as they fling themselves off rock walls. The pool was deep and cool and there was only a couple of groups of people lounging in the shade and sporadically jumping off stuff.

We thought we had it sussed but then a local lad Nick turned up. From the highest point he swung off the rope, flying through the air, double inverted back-flip, pin-dropped with barely a splash, all class. Jamie styled it by adding a body-varial to his backy and Timmi felt the call of the wild, someone getting nude and jumping off a rock-wall is the perfect way to end to a great day.


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  1. Wren says:

    Was hoping to see some photos of Nick my son doing his backflip. He told me you had taken some photos of him. If you have any, could you please send them to me.
    You should see the falls now after all the rain. Do you want me to send you a photo of it?

    • Johnny says:

      Hi there, alas I didn’t get any stills of Nick flying high. But I did get some video. I’ll try and post it to Facebook. Yes please send through some shots… hello@lesunshine.com.au I’ll see if I can post them also. Cheers.


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