Cloud filter

Just a sprinkling of cloud was the perfect filter for today’s first glimpse of the sun. I had the beach to myself to take in the slow rise of another day.

The Northerly wind that’s been blowing all week was only very light early-on, but it was enough to ruffle the surface and make what little swell there was look incredibly unappealing. I took a drive up to Tallows and found Byron’s only wave. The car-park was filling-up but it was the dolphins who were crowding the line-up this morning.

I tried my best to get some shots but they were far too quick for my meager lens. I had to take a closer look so I went for a paddle and was rewarded by a big pod that was unfazed by the two-dozen surfers bobbing amongst them. There were a couple of tiny,young dolphins that were cutting in front of everyone for the best waves, typical grommies.

It’s gonna be a hot one today, bring on Le Sunshine…


So many colours


Welcome to Friday!

In preparation


Start the day with a smile

Release them fins

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