Eurovision in Malmo with beer and friends.

Eurovision malmo

Last year Sweden won the Eurovision song contest, so this year they had the honor of hosting the pop-extravaganza, it would be held in Malmo.

I happened to be in town and some people got excited. I wanted to be excited, I really tried. But pop-music is mostly terrible and Eurovision manages to somehow make it even more outrageous and vacuous and fabulous.

With Jamie and Johanna and a bunch of their friends we headed for the park to enjoy the afternoon sunshine; they had a big-screen that would be showing the spectacle.

It seemed we weren’t the only ones keen for a little sun, by all reports the Swedish winter had been a long one.


We had food and we had beer and we heaps of sunshine. We didn’t have much interest in the music but even more entertaining was watching the parade of people flooding into the park. It seemed this show was a big deal for the little town of Malmo.

Eurovision_Malmo_11Eurovision_Malmo_07 Eurovision_Malmo_08 Eurovision_Malmo_09Eurovision_Malmo_12 Eurovision_Malmo_14Eurovision_Malmo_02 Eurovision_Malmo_04Eurovision_Malmo_15 Eurovision_Malmo_16 Eurovision_Malmo_17Eurovision_Malmo_18_01 Eurovision_Malmo_18 Eurovision_Malmo_19Eurovision_Malmo_20

We fled when the music started, we were out of beer and the crowd was getting a little too enthusiastic.

We went to a bar, they had swing chairs! I love this photo…



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