The sun keeps on rising, far more frequently than I have been able to post albums unfortunately. For today’s post I featured two different morning’s dawns. They were taken from different spots not that far away form each other, but each offered such different light. The sun is rising really far to the South at the moment so to see its first peak over the horizon you need to be South of the point, Suffolk Park is perfect. The swell was wind affected and the bank at the river mouth was the pick and there was a well worn trail through the sand before it even felt the day’s rays.

The next day I was at The Pass, perched in the crow’s nest that gives such a great view of the point. There was very little going on with just a dribble of weak South swell that was teasing a couple of loggers. The better bet was towards Wategos, I watched the odd 3 footer creep through. It looked¬† peaceful out there this morning and from where I was perched, alone with the dawn, on the most Easterly tip of Australia, all was right with the world.

Vive Le Sunshine!





The point


All the time in the world

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