surfing byron bay

Backside and no-mercy

It’s like the story of the guy in the desert, he’s desperately thirsty but when he finds water he drinks so much that he makes himself sick. Such is life in Byron Bay when we finally get a decent East swell.

I couldn’t lift my arms after two solid session yesterday. So buggered I was, I couldn’t even post my dawn shots.

Yesterday’s dawn was a cracker and they go perfectly with today’s shots of main beach.

There was plenty of people but also plenty of banks. There were people laying rail the whole length of the beach. And those with boards over eight foot were reveling in the lines coming around The Pass.

We’ve got waves and heaps of Le Sunshine, go get it…


sunrise broken head



Purple and blue


Light and dark


beach byron bay surfing
First glimpse

Cricket byron bay
Cricket between the flags

surfing girl
Cut-back kid

Spraying sunshine


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