Let’s get physical

Belongil beach surfing

The Bay

The wind was blowing a gale last night but by dawn it had given way to some mellow clouds and zero-waves. The pooch pictured below had the waves all to himself, he was loving it out there.

Belongil Beach is the perfect spot to view the sun peaking over Captain Cook, the view runs across the bay, past town and then beyond the point into infinity. The Boot-camp crew are all over it at dawn every morning; I daresay this view makes it that little bit easier to drag yourself out of bed.

Across at Tallows there were a couple of little peelers. There weren’t too many people out early but by the time the sun was well above the horizon, and as I was making my way back to the car, there were people everywhere, in varying stages of undress with all kinds of boards.

Le Sunshine is here! Go get it.


dog beach byron bay


dawn byron bay golden

sleep on the beach byron bay
Room with a view

byron bay boot camp
Boot camp

tallows beach surf check
Surf check

surfing girls
Sunrise and smiles

surfing byron bay

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