Long Dawn

Dawn byron bay

Gold’n blue

So much of the detail changes but still so much stays the same. This week I’ve been wandering down to the same spot in Suffolk Park at the same time of the morning, the tide will change, the sunrise always gets a little earlier and of course the clouds are never the same.

But there’s also constants; a smattering of dog walkers and yogis, and this week there were a couple of random elements that marked each day…schoolies kids passed out on the beach and no-waves. It’s a troubling time to be in the Bay.

I took a cruise up to Tallows later in the morning and found a few waves that seemed slide-able. It’s even hotter today than yesterday.

Le Sunshine, yew!


dawn birds

Dawn birds

lighthouse byron bay
Lighthouse blue


swimming byron bay

Dawn stoke

surfing tallows

girl surfing byron bay

surfing tallows