Miles and Miles

The first bay we stopped at is my favourite. The track down to the water was framed by gangly trees and vines; the leaves were still wet from the rain overnight. We scrambled half-way down the hill only to see that the high tide was swallowing the entire beach. We headed back up to the car and I managed to squeeze off a few shots through the trees.

seven mile

Jamie and Jo were visiting from Sweden; I was really hoping we’d find some waves.

To check the next spot we had to walk even further down the cliff and again we got skunked. So this time we drove all the way down to the end of the dirt track to the beginning of a long stretch of open beach. By this time the tide had pushed back a little and the dunes were broader so there was still sand left, but alas the waves weren’t all that exciting.

Instead we had buckets sunshine, we had all the time in the world and we had the whole beach to ourselves… well, except for one lone body surfer.

Seven-mile_05Seven-mile_04 Seven-mile_06 Seven-mile_07Seven-mile_08 Seven-mile_09 Seven-mile_10

A tan in winter is a rare treat and our smiles matched it well. We headed back to town and drank a few beers. We weren’t in any rush, the mini-treks through the trees were lush and there was no need for shoes – it was just good to be spending time with my buddies (even though I’d seen them only a few months prior.)

Seven-mile_11 Seven-mile_12

The next day we got up early, the ocean was flat, but the sun was bright and the sky was clear and blue.

Seven-mile_13 Seven-mile_14

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