Morning yawning

Classic Byron frame

Dawn rewards. It’s never easy to pry oneself from between the sheets, but there’s never any regrets.

Today’s first rays put on a show, some messy swell framed a cloudy sky as the sun burned in-between the horizon and the cloud-line. There were the standard assortment of dog-walkers and yogis, but not many surfers. I stood on the dunes with Timmy-Fresh for a solid half an hour, we eventually conceded, we had to get wet.

We were rewarded once again. What looked like junky two footers from the shore turned out to be jacky little wedges, the odd set was head-high. Our chunky-biscuit-boards were spot-on. We both had our fill of waves under a hazy pall of low clouds. The sky burned orange and purple, we were heading home for brekky by 8am with grins from ear-to-ear. The only way to start the day.

Heaps of Le Sunshine today, go get it.

(The last few shots are from yesterday arvo, so sunny, bring on Summer.)



Timmy and the Dawn


Belongil cruisin’

Across the bay

Local Lord


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