Night Surfing with Bruce Irons at Komune, Keramas

Bruce Irons night surfing keramas


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When you hear Bruce Irons is doing an expression session at Komune, Keramas, at night, under lights… you don’t waste any time. You grab the camera and a big lens and you fill a van with friends and you hit the road.

We could see the floodlights from the road, the beach was lit like a runway. The van pulled into the entrance of the Komune Beach Club and the extravagance of the place had our eyes wide open. The architecture is modern but layered in local timber and bamboo. The gardens are landscaped with carved stone and swimming pools and impossibly green grass.

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Bruce and another couple of maddogs were in the water when we got there. It was a bizarre scene with revelers dashing across the grass and women in dresses and heals draped on day-beds. The DJ was mixing dub-step and the speakers hung from palm trees.

There was a full moon but it’s beams of light paled in comparison to the power of the flood-lights, which looked like they were a permanent fixture. They gave us a killer view and I can only imagine what it would have looked like from the water.

The water was a steel-grey colour and heaving sets of 8-foot plus pounded the sand only metres from where we sat with cocktails and smiling faces.

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The swell was huge – the guys slid into monster barrels and they ate shit in equal measure. Bruce had the use of the ski and with a bright orange board he wasn’t hard to miss. The crowd hooted every wave and lost their minds at the driving cut-backs and critical drops.

It seems Komune are set to make these expression sessions a regular gig and with a bar on the beach and a DJ by the pool they’re going to be real popular. With ever-bigger crowds pouring into Bali it seems flood-lights might be one way to increase the volume of waves on offer.

Surfing without Le Sunshine, who woulda thunk it.


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