Oslo is in Norway

Oslo lake

From Paris I flew North, to Oslo. When I stepped out of the train station and felt the Norwegian air on my skin and looked around at the people and the buildings I had that same feeling…the feeling I’d felt as I rolled into each new city. It was a combination of nerves and excitement and confusion and of guilt.

There was just enough uncertainty, but it was cradled in knowing that I had friends to stay with, and that they’d show me the best bits of the city. It’s an intoxicating feeling, like some kind of drug; it is addictive.


The weather here was far greyer than Paris, but it was warmer than Edinburgh. It had been hard to leave Paris. The sun was coming out and my hosts had shown me an excellent time, Jacquelyn and Sanda. They are both fashion designers, both beautiful and intelligent; they showed me Paris by day and by night. I learned about their industry, about creativity in a commercial setting and about managing your ego when you design under someone else’s name.

In Oslo I also stayed with two girls, again both beautiful and intelligent. I met this pair when they were travelling Australia. Trine is Danish and Kat is Norwegian. They are studying Masters degrees in Peace and Conflict studies and Development at the University of Oslo. We spent most of our time sitting around the kitchen table drinking tea or eating but always discussing the world, its politics and its problems and globalization and economics and lentils and quinoa and surfing. (Yeah, Danish people surf too!)


It was a thrill to be able to roll into a little household that was so positive and warm. When the gals went to work I went to the library and did my own work – I had good friends and access to the library at the Uni of Oslo, I was bloody lucky.

On one of the many grey days Trine and I went for a walk around the lake to the North of Oslo…

Norway_oslo_lake_07Norway_oslo_lake_02 Norway_oslo_lake_04 Norway_oslo_lake_03Norway_oslo_lake_05 Norway_oslo_lake_07 Norway_oslo_lake_08Norway_oslo_lake_09 Norway_oslo_lake_10Norway_oslo_lake_11

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