• Fang Gang

    fang gang

    We were ten tins in and Timmi was getting anxious, “Johnny, we gotta find a model and we gotta do it soon, we’re not gonna be able to pick a babe from a bucket-a-crabs soon.”

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  • The Pass at Last

    The pass

    There’s something exciting about waking up not long after the sun and it already being stinking hot. The wax on your surfboard turns to butter and your car seat burns your bare legs and you sweat like a pig.
    It’s not until you get to The Pass that it all comes together. The sun on the sand, the fading Northerlies and two foot of neatly lined up South swell tickling the rocky point…. Summer’s comin’!

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  • Sea Shepherd fundraiser w OKA and Bobby Alu at the Brunswick Hotel.

    Sea shepherd brunswick hotel

    “These guys are harder to crack than the Hells Angels!” said the Canadian Police officer who had tried in vain to get a word of recognition out of the Sea Shepherd crew. The Captain of the Bob Barker, Peter Hammarstedt was re-telling a story about being detained in Canada, he was speaking to a packed house at the Brunswick Hotel on Sunday. The sun was dropping and everyone wore smiles from an afternoon of sunshine and heavy jams.

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  • Livin’… in Byron Bay

    Byron Bay

    Byron Bay

    It’s real easy to do nothing in this town. An innocent stroll can steal away your day as you’ll surely bump into someone you know. You’ll go for a quiet one at a spot where your mate’s behind the bar and soon your night’s slipped through your fingers too.

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  • Jesse Dolman

    jesse dolman artist

    This is the first offering in a series of artist profiles that will be featured in the People section of Le Sunshine – it’s a closer look at Byron Bay’s most creative characters.

    Like most folks in Byron Jesse Dolman has a few jobs, but painting is his passion. It leaches across into his job as a chef – his flare can be found in every dish. I dropped into Jesse’s place one Sunday afternoon to get my surfboard painted, it had a blue spray but I’d been bored of it for some time, it was  in desperate need of some colour.

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  • Heading South

    Standing on the curb and I was still in a daze. I’d only been out of bed for ten minutes and here I was, standing in the same board shorts I’d slept in with a t-shirt thrown over my shoulders that smelt of smoke. At my feet were my surfboard, my wetsuit and a towel. I’d only had time to take a piss and brew a cuppa and now I stood calm in the fresh morning air, my hands wrapped around the hot mug.

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  • Whian Whian

    We had the windows down in the Subaru. The road swayed and curved with the lay of the land, through valleys and around huge old blue gums. The grass was long and green and the sun was high. We’d left Byron Bay that morning in search of adventure, to head somewhere we didn’t know.

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  • FLURO FRIDAY – One Wave Is All It Takes

    fluro friday

    It was Friday as I rolled down to The Pass, camera in hand. I was ready to see what the sunset had to say about the end of the week but what I got was far brighter.

    The FLURO FRIDAY crew had invaded Byron Bay and the glare was something special. This lot are colorful and they’re loud and they know all about how to have fun on a surfboard. But most importantly, they’re all about kicking depression in the ass!

    Take a look at the photos, just try and find a face that ain’t smiling!

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