Paris Love

It’s hard to say anything about Paris without it coming out super cliche, I don’t want to gush, but I bloody love the place. It’s a city that they got right. It’s classic and it’s modern and it’s beautiful and it’s exciting but it’s still mysterious. The locals have a sense of lifestyle, where food wine and a good aspect are top priority.

There’s cheese and there’s wine and restaurants. The Metro system smells like piss but sometimes there’s buskers with harpsichords.

It’s an expensive city, but compared to Sydney it’s not. Although it’s probably harder to find a hotel in Paris than in Sydney, although in Paris the service would be better, but it would be ruder.

I was lucky to have friends to say with, Jacquelyn and Sanda were excellent hosts. They took me to restaurants and nightclubs, to famous bars and to dive bars on the river. Their apartment was at the base of Rue Mouffetard and so it was an easy afternoon stroll to find cheese and wine and anything else tasty. It’s all cobblestones and old guys who don’t have time for tourists but who always offer a smile.

We had dinner parties and I ate pastries everyday and the weather was great.

(The last two shots are of The Grand Mosque, it’s beautiful and the apple tea is excellent.)

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