Pittwater Wallaby


wallaby pittwater

Checking the tide

Today I fled the city. I headed to a little hideaway up at Pittwater, a spot where I thought I’d be all alone. As it turns this pair of Wallabies have been watching the shack while I’ve been away. They didn’t seem to mind my crashing the party, they’ve been watching my every move, in fact as I write this they’ve hopped onto the deck. The Pittwater Wallaby certainly isn’t shy.

I jumped on the ferry at Palm Beach, I was green with envy watching all the locals mucking around in their boats. There were old sailing ships and shiny new launches, even some Pirates. There were no waves along the whole length of the Northern Beaches. Let’s see what the new year brings.

I’ll be up for another couple of days, doing a whole lot of nothing.

Vive Le Sunshine!


Pirates pittwater


pittwater ferry

Ciao Palmy


Hangin’ with the sea-gulls

Wallaby pittwater


wallaby pittwater

The only way to roll

Wallaby pittwater



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