Rain and waves and barrels


The rain came but so did the waves, like waiting for a set the rain squalls came in sporadic bursts. There were heaving barrels the length of main-beach, the wreck was firing and the crowds were mellow with enough pits for everybody.

There was a spooky grey haze that hung all the way to the lighthouse. We checked the Pass but the wind was into it, there was only a handful of die-hards out there battling the white horses.

We then jumped in the car and headed North to see what was happening at Coolangatta. The Quiky Pro will be rolling into town soon and with scaffolding in the background Kirra was on fire. Heaving barrels were throwing over from Green-Mount and the way beyond the groin.

Today the rain has taken it up a notch, there’s flood warnings for the Northern Rivers and roads are closing up and down the coast. Hang in there folks, stay dry or go surfing.

No Le Sunshine today


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