Remember Splendour – 35mm

Splendour in the grass

My digital SLR clicked and beeped and by the end of the Splendour in the Grass music festival I had a couple of thousand frames – in the end only 40 or so made the cut.

All the while I had an old 35mm Japanese point-and-shoot in my pocket. It was easier to carry at night and sometimes a scene would present itself that was a little different, stark light or a heavy shadow.

I’d line it up; not sure about the exposure, hoping the auto-focus would behave and never clear on whether the flash would fire. There was an element of chaos in clicking that shutter, capturing a moment and then putting it back into your pocket; freed of the distraction of an LCD screen.

In the end I used only half a roll, Ilford 35mm, B+W C41. I went to pick it up from the photo-lab with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning. Mostly I’d forgotten the scenes I’d shot, you can never be sure any of them are going to come out anyway.

You load the cd and there it is… 24 frames of memories, which you forgot you had.

Splendour_05_van_life Splendour_06_van_life Splendour_04_people_smugglingSplendour_07_flumeSplendour_02_smilesSplendour_07_dark Splendour_03_dancing

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