Sea Shepherd fundraiser w OKA and Bobby Alu at the Brunswick Hotel.

Sea shepherd brunswick hotel

“These guys are harder to crack than the Hells Angels!” said the Canadian Police officer who had tried in vain to get a word of recognition out of the Sea Shepherd crew. The Captain of the Bob Barker, Peter Hammarstedt was re-telling a story about being detained in Canada, he was speaking to a packed house at the Brunswick Hotel on Sunday. The sun was dropping and everyone wore smiles from an afternoon of sunshine and heavy jams.

Peter’s stories were getting the crowd fired up, there were cheers of support for his tales of heroic brinkmanship and Bobby Alu and OKA dropped a rootsy soundtrack that rocked the night air.

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There was nothing but the good vibes that night, there was lots of long hair and heaps of colour and little kids without shoes and plentiful beer to quench a thirst. The Sea Shepherd had their most successful year last year as they sent the Japanese whaling fleet home with far below their usual quota of whales, poached from protected Australian waters.

Sea Shepherd

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Next year they plan to take the fight to the whalers once more and they were asking for your support. There were cheers and their buckets looked heavy with cash, and most generously the Hotel Brunswick matched the punters donations dollar for dollar. If you missed it, you missed a great night, but don’t forget to support Sea Shepherd whenever you can.

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