Sliding into Saturday


Time was going slow on this lazy Saturday arvo, the waves were mellow and nobody seemed to be in any hurry. The horizon was splashed with jagged pastel shades as the sun sunk further away, it was a great show but I couldn’t help but feel that the view would’ve been even better if I’d been bobbing on a board in the line-up.

The salty sea-dog in the picture above has surely seen his fair share of sunsets, but as he walked up the beach he still stopped to turn and soak in some of the sun’s last rays, he had a big smile on his dial.

…the sand’s slowly pushing into the point at The Pass. With a mere foot or two of swell peeking round the corner there was still a few lines to slide. The big boards were out and as the sun slipped behind the mountains it seemed like everyone was tracing its slow path…making the most of Le Sunshine.




Friends and the sea

Chasing the sun

Just another afternoon


Leave the best till last

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