Storm Light

The waves were small but the light was amazing. Dusk at the Wreck, looking to the North with the sun dropping behind Mt. Warning, is a beautiful Byron Bay cliché, but on this day it was a different view entirely.

Whitey was perched on the rocks, I squatted down to have a chat, our eyes scanned North to the Wreck and South to main-beach judging the waves. The storm had come in fast; the thick black clouds were a patchwork shroud and beams of light cut through like totem poles to the surfers dancing below.

Only the set-waves had any shape and the offshore winds were throwing a veil of spray behind the bigger ones. The clouds were dark and the light was sharp and white. I shot in colour but there was nothing in between the extremes of the black and the white.

Byron Bay

Storm_light_03 byron baybyron bay byron bay byron bay

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