Sunday South Swells

The weekend warriors must be loving this run of Sunday South Swells. It’s been flat all week in the bay and we’ve had to make do with windy peaks on the open beaches, but Saturday arvo saw the South swell kick-in, The Pass had just enough protection to see lines wrap into the bay at a solid 3-foot.

Come Sunday morning, after a stormy night, and it really turned on! There was traffic chaos, everyone got parking tickets, but all of that was forgotten as there were chubby walls that were holding their shape from the point all the way to Clarke’s. I was shooting at high-tide, but when it dropped it got plenty gnarly.

It wasn’t perfect, Le Sunshine didn’t peak out until the arvo, but check out the shots, everyone was having a ball.



Peanut gallery

so many boards

laying it down



boards and beards


One-foot Larry-layback hand-stall

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