Tamarama Traffic Report

Tamarama traffic report

City life has dragged me into that most cliche of pleasures… Saturday mornings.

Waking up with the sunshine and nowhere to be, it’s like a drug. I lay back in bed with the winter sunshine burning my eyes and my brain swaying at the rush of so few decisions.

Shoes on, pants, find the camera and out the door. I found myself squeezing off shots before I even got to the beach. There were solid lines pushing out to the horizon.

There was plenty of traffic on the Tamarama track but not much in the water. It was heaving. The crew on the cliff had quite a show as heaps of blokes got worked on the rocks, both getting in and out.

Get up ya lazy bastard, get out there. Weekends are for the living.

— J

Tamarama_traffic_090714_01 Tamarama_traffic_090714_02 Tamarama_traffic_090714_05Tamarama_traffic_090714_03

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