Tamarama Traffic Report

Tamarama Traffic

And BAM, just like that, Le Sunshine lands in Sydney.

We waved a teary farewell to Byron Bay and we’re now calling the cool waters of Tamarama home.

Le Sunshine could never survive too far from the ocean and, in fact, here in Sydney we’re based closer to the sea than we ever were in the Bay.

The pressures of city life are many and so I apologise in advance for the slow drip of blog posts, but stay tuned, there’ll be indulgent beach shots and narcissistic tales of the good times and there’ll be more interviews and hopefully some party shots.

Now it’s probably a waste of time writing this, I mean, my Mum already knows I’ve made the move to Sydney. But… if there are others out there reading this, thank you! And be sure to drop me a line in the comments or on the FB.

So to kick it off here’s a little glimpse of my backyard…

Stay tuned.

Tamarama TrafficTamarama Traffic Tamarama Traffic Tamarama Traffic Tamarama Traffic Tamarama Traffic

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