The best road in Bali… and the last sunset.

It’s the best road in Bali. It runs through a rice padi and is a short-cut from Seminyak to Canggu. It’s raised above the ground and tiled with intricate stonework. When you cruise along here on your scooter at sunset all your worries float away. There’s local farmers in straw hats turning their soil and all sorts of folks cruising along on their bikes. Everybody wears a smile and in the distance it looks like the horizon is on fire.

305_sunset_road 306_sunset_road


You’ll arrive at Canggu just in time to see the sun dripping into the far away line where the ocean meets the sky. You can take a seat and order a beer or a coconut and have dinner and laugh with your friends.

3008_sunset_road 3011_sunset_road

This was my last day at Canggu, along the Sunset road. We sat and drank a locally brewed cider and talked about surfing and local politics and what it would be like to grow up here.

We watched a ceremony procession move towards the water, it spoke to the sea gods and asked for protection.

Later we went for dinner at Beetlenut.

I’d seen many sunsets and they’d all been different. I felt confident in there being another one everyday and that everyone of them would be different and that I would be back to see many, many, more of them….

3010_sunset_road 3012_sunset_road 3013_sunset_road3014_sunset_road


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