The Happy Seagull

Cloud horizon

It was only seagulls and me on the beach this morning, as the day’s first light stretched over a thick band of cloud. They were super chatty and seemed excited about something, i’m not sure what it was but it certainly wasn’t thewaves. Yesterdays peak in wind-swell had all but disappeared, there were no peaks at Suffolk Park.

There were a few more options up at Tallows. A few early risers were nabbing the odd one-footer and one bloke managed to throw his fins just clear of the water.

The sunshine greeted us as we wandered down to The Pass. The water was dead calm and very inviting. It’s warming up already, it’s going to be a hot one so you’ll surely be looking to get wet and cool down today.

A great day to get out into Le Sunshine…






Grace and poise


Professor Rusty Miller





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